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Welcome to the River Erewash Foundation (REF) Winners of 2010 Mayors Award

The aims and objectives of the River Erewash Foundation are:

  • Restore and conserve the biodiversity of the River Erewash and it’s tributaries 
  • Achieve this through regular monitoring, obtaining data, regular meetings, and a programme of conservation and restoration management.
  • To inspire localised REF member groups to take responsibility for their own zone/section/area throughout the whole river
  • Create awareness, report pollution incidents and encourage wildlife groups and enthusiasts to take part in restoration.
  • To create an excellent resource for recreation and education for all local communities along the Erewash Valley and surrounding areas to enjoy.

Our Foundation has formed many partnerships on its quest to date, receiving support from organisations such as: Broxtowe Borough Council, Erewash Borough Council, The Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency,The Grayling Society, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Friends of Toton Fields. Our Foundation is moving swiftly along the riverbanks carrying out work parties at Toton, Long Eaton, Stapleford and Trowell, improving habitats for our fish, birds, otters, kingfishers, bats, watervoles and many other abundant wildlife species thriving along our river corridor.

We have both active and supportive membership for £10 annually, this pays for our insurance primerily, then you choose if you wish to take part in conservation work or just show your support for an excellent project.  Members can also take advantage of many social events, auctions, quizzes etc. Members also receive presentations from leading river authorities and wildlife specialists. The REF also have a members forum, flytying group and coarse specialists meetings along with a few fishing matches thrown in.  Please paste and copy link below to email us with a message, should you be interested in membership or wish to report any concerns or pollution incidents to River Erewash Foundation.